Friday, March 22, 2019

Flood of 2019: Lost/Trail/C&NW Bridge over Niobrara River

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; Satellite)
Abandoned in the 1970s. Reopened to pedestrians between the state park and the town.
Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on November 12, 1992
The previous 1902 bridge was built with wood.
The town has been moved away from the rivers, twice. ("Rivers" is plural because this is where the Niobrara River empties into the Missouri River.
Photo from Bridge Hunter
From Nartional Register Nomination
Mary Snowdon posted nine photos with the comment: "Historic Railroad walking bridge in Niobrara Nebraska lost the fight to massive ice chunks in the flooding March 13-14, 2019"
Remember, Niobrara is downstream from the failed Spencer Dam. I've seen comments of a 10' or a 12' wall of water hit this area. But Mary's photos show that there were still plenty of ice slabs to help take out the east truss.




I include a satellite image because the next time it is updated, there won't be a bridge. Considering the amount of infrastructure Nebraska has lost in this flood, I doubt if a trail bridge is going to be replaced.
Robin Nyffeler commented on Mary's post
Took this 5 years sad to see a piece of history gone!!!!!
Pam Anderson commented on Mary's post
Niobrara State Park is an annual, long weekend get-away for my family. I have been wondering if this rail bridge had made it through the flood. Heartbreaking to hear it didn’t.
Denise Hunter commented on Mary's post
[I wonder how far into the field that slab floated.]

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Niobrara River Historical Bridge floating away

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