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Illinois Central Hospital

(SubstreetSatellite, demolished in 2011)

Three photos of the interior starting here; construction photos: 1, 2 followed by 2 more, 3 followed by 2 more

David Daruszka commented on a post
The Illinois Central's hospital in Chicago was located on Stony Island Ave. in Hyde Park.
[Built in 1916]
David Daruszka Demolished in 2011 and it was last known as the "Doctor's Hospital". The hospital in Paducah, KY (near the IC's shops) is still standing and partially leased. Its included in this postcard site of railroad hospitals.
John Uhlich shared a link with the comment:
Railroad surgeons formed a unique medical specialty, operating a vast and innovative network of railroad hospitals and clinics. Nearly forgotten today, this relatively small but dedicated group of doctors made many advances in medical science and embraced an innovative payment system now used by many health insurance plans. 
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Dennis DeBruler The doctors during the Civil War pioneered amputation. Hopefully, Railway Doctors pioneered better treatments.
Dennis DeBruler If you move the slider to 5:00, you can see a link-and-pin coupling. It is not hard to image how many rail workers lost part of their hand doing this. And they had to be between the cars while they were moving so they were subject to crushing accidents. The Janney (knuckle) coupler and air brakes probably did more to reduce worker injury than the doctors did.

Now, before a worker goes between cars ("employees fouling equipment") to hook up the brake's air-line hose, the engineer must do "three step protection." He has to apply the locomotives brakes, put the reverser in the neutral position, and open the generator field switch.
Robert Mate They did more than treat injured railworkers, I as well as all my brothers were born at the IC hospital. Also my Dads cataract surgery ( at that time it was done with a scalpel and required a 10 day stay.
Dave Ladislas Sr. Robert Mate,if I recall,it was kind of like the Veteran's hospitals,if you were employeed by the IC,that's where you n family went for all medical help.
Alfred Fickensher As of the last time I was in StLouis a few years ago, the Missouri Pacific employee hospital building was intact and was then a part of StLouis University Medical campus.

"After 1973, when the Illinois Central Railroad sold the building, it operated as Hyde Park Community Hospital and Doctors Hospital."

Global Earth, 5/30/2008

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