Thursday, March 21, 2019

CN/GTW Bridge over Battle Creek near Battle Creek, MI

(no Bridge Hunter; 3D Satellite)

If you are wondering why I'm bothering to post about such a mundane bridge, it is because it collapsed!
Jayden Dylan Rauli posted, 10:24pm 3/19/2019
All trains to and from Chicago stopped due to bridge collapse including amtrack
[I believe he means all CN trains to and from Chicago that would go through Battle Creek, MI.]
Ronald L. Jackson It's about 500 feet east of McAllister Road, at the east end of the GTW/CN Yard, Battle Creek, Michigan.
McAllister Road - MP 181.16 CN Flint Subdivision, Pennfield Township, Calhoun County, Michigan.
Bridge over Battle Creek River - MP 181.34 CN Flint Subdivision, Pennfield Township, Calhoun County, Michigan.Doug Lewis Are they able to use M-2 for all traffic?
Ronald L. Jackson Doug Lewis I went past there tonight around 7. A Westbound with UP 5456 was using Main 2 into the yard, at about 5 MPH. I later saw Amtrak 364 going under the Emmett Street Bridge.
Jim Burnside Maybe the bridge should have been replaced long ago CN.
Nicholas Katz To be fair the river has swelled up to a level I have not seen in a long time. However, this bridge appears to be fairly old.
Jim Burnside Then it should have been watched closely when you are sending oil over it .
Nicholas Katz Jim Burnside I agree. This should have been prevented.
Nicholas Katz added a couple of photos as comments.
The autorack that did not make it across. They eventually pulled it out.

Ronald L. Jackson commented on Jayden's post
Wednesday, March 20, 2019, a little after 7:00 PM.
[As is rather usual, a bunch of white hats (managers) standing around. All that wasted management time increases the hidden expense of deferred maintenance even more.]

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  1. So can CN divert trains to Chicago via CSX? Is there a connection at Battle Creek to do this? If not then there are big logistical problems ahead.