Friday, December 23, 2016

CN/WC/CP(SOO)/WC Schiller Park Yard

Back when CP(SOO) owned Wisconsin Central's routes, Schiller Park would have been their main Chicago area yard. But now that CN bought Wisconsin Central's routes and the EJ&E, this yard is now mainly a storage yard.

Mark Kennebeck posted the question concerning its current usage. David Barone provided the detailed answer:
CP no longer uses Schiller Park as an intermodal terminal. The yard is in the process of slowly being pulled up with the rail and switches used elsewhere. They are still storing some empty containers in the storage yard but that is it. CN runs a local, 50191 M-F 09:00 start. Plus a R90491 to the IHB most nights. Road trains M346 and A446 both pass thru southbound late morning thru early evening. M34991 is the northbound you may see in the afternoon, this is hit or miss as the train may run via the Freeport Sub. to Munger then over the "J". Throw in the occasional Potash train for the IHB and you have it. The CN can still run via the city with detour trains if there is an outage on the "J" but that is very rare.
 In 1939, this area was still sparsely populated.

1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
The engine facilities were in the southeast part of the yard.
Peter Zimmermann posted
Dolton Illinois:
Eastbound CSX[CP] intermodal "Q-166" from Bensenville Illinois to Buffalo New York comes on through.
Larry Amaloo As a note, this train starts at Schiller Park Yard now and the counterpart Q165 goes to Schiller Park Yard.
Charles Heraver posted
Schiller Park, IL, 8-5-84. Sometime on a Sunday afternoon, there would be a nice line of motors in SChiller. The SOO-Milwaukee thing was still 6 months away, and most everyone thought the CNW was going to get the Milwaukee Road anyway.

Mark S. Wurst posted two photos of BN locomotives in Schiller Park.

Seven photos from 1987 just after SOO dumped former WC assets as WC because SOO had bought Milwaukee.

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