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Pullman Erecting Shops

Paul Petraitis posted
Pullman erecting shops ca 1885
[Note the ornate shelter for the transfer table operator.]

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Bill Molony posted
Ten new bi-level commuter coaches for the Chicago & North Western Railway, under construction at Pullman-Standard's Pullman Car Works in Chicago, 1966.
The Pullman Neighborhood was designated a National Historic Monument in 2015.

A timeline of the Pullman Works starts in 1879. But Pullman had already made a fortune jacking up buildings in downtown Chicago when the streets were raised so that an effective sewer system could be built. But after all of the buildings were jacked up, he was out of a job. So he started making railroad cars and providing sleeper service. Unfortunately, I cannot find a map as to exactly where his factory and town was. It was approximately between the Illinois Central tracks and Calumet Lake. Here is what the area looked like in 1938.

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Chuck Edmonson posted
The eastern side of the old Pullman car erecting shops. Sixteen bays where the cars went through an assembly line type process. As the specific work was done in bay, the car was rolled out then moved horizontally 20 feet, via a dolly system to the next bay, and into the adjoining bay. The process was repeated until a completed car, minus a paint job, sat in the last bay. Painting was done at a separate paint shop, as the dust in the car erecting shops was pretty bad at times.
Richard Fiedler I believe by "dolly" you mean transfer table. A transfer table ran horizontally on 4 or more rails and could move cars between the bays.
Chuck Edmonson Thanks, Richard having a senior moment here
Stephen White House tour dates are October 7-8 this year . But neighborhood tours go on all the time . Stop by the visitors center at is 11141 s Cottage grove. Lots of changes coming for the factory over the next couple of years . The actual factory tours are on the first and third sundays of each month from now till late fall . At 11:15 . Come see us and our community.
Jeff Bloomdahl Updated information on the area!
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