Friday, December 30, 2016

Crawford Ave./Pulaski Road Bridge over Sanitary and Ship Canal

(Bridge Hunter and Historic Bridges have this road over Cal Sag, but I could not find anything over the Sanitary and Ship Canal; Satellite)
MWRD posted
People gather for a groundbreaking event to celebrate the beginning of construction of the Crawford Avenue Bridge on September 21, 1927. This photo shows a northern view of Crawford Ave (now Pulaski Rd.), from a point just north of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal where the bridge was to be built by the Sanitary District of Chicago. 
The Crawford Generating Plant is on the right.

I've taken pictures from this bridge, but not of this bridge. All of the land around this bridge is "public unfriendly" industrial property. The best picture I got of the bridge...

20160416 2102
...was while I was waiting for a break in the traffic to get the pictures I wanted.  Judging from the above picture and a Street View, this bridge is not movable. It must be a relatively new bridge because it would be high enough to clear just barge traffic. That must mean the 1927 bridge got replaced. I wonder what the 1927 bridge looked like and when it was replaced.
3D Satellite

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