Saturday, December 24, 2016

CN/IC and Kedzie Ave. Bridges over Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal

IC Bridge: (Historic Bridges, Bridge Hunter, Satellite)
Kedzie Avenue: (Historic Bridges, Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago made this their cover photo
Skaters on ice in the bottom of a nearly completed Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal west of Kedzie Avenue on December 30, 1899. The Kedzie Avenue bridge is in the background and behind it is the bridge for the Chicago, Madison, and Northern Railroad.
Mark Bilecki Sr. The Kedzie bridge was replaced in 1972 [That would be the road bridge. The railroad bridge still exists.]
Ramon Rhodes posted five pictures of the railroad bridge as comments:

1: Here's a shot of the Kedzie Ave bridge.
2: The Kedzie Ave highway bridge may have been replaced, but this railroad bridge is the original one built in the 1800's.

5: Contemporary shot.
Ramon Rhodes HISTORY: This and all the other railroad swing-type bridges along the canal from Lake Michigan to Joliet were all built WITHOUT motors to actually move the bridges. Note there is no operators shack on the span too. They had to be opened and closed manually using winches, cables, and tractors. From the time they were completed to this day, they have only been opened a dozen times, with most of those openings happening during WW2 when a shipyard that built Navy minesweepers along the canal needed to get their boats to the Mississippi River.

Mark Bilecki Sr. My father told me they would send submarines built in Manitowac Wis. down the canal to the Mississippi river.

This reminds me that the St. Lawrence Seaway was not opened until 1959.

Edward posted a 1989 photo.

My pictures of an eastbound train that came by when I was almost back to my parked car.

The second picture of the Illinois Northern Bridge post is of this bridge. Both pictures were taken from Kedzie Avenue Bridge with a morning sun. (I got out of bed way before before Noon on a day with a blue sky to take a picture of the Illinois Northern Bridge with the sun at my back. But the ICwest bridge picture with the sun in front of me turned out better.)

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