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IAIS/Rock Island over Mississippi in Rock Island, IL

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Also known as the Government or Arsenal Bridge. The swing span is over the downstream approach to the locks.

Previous bridges at this crossing.

Photo from Library of Congress
3/4 overall view from the Clock Tower Building (Building 205); looking NNW toward Davenport, Iowa. (Ceronie) - Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island Bridge, Fort Armstrong Avenue, Rock Island, Rock Island County, IL
David Sebben posted
David's comment: "A view through the Government Bridge at Rock Island, IL and of course, former Rock Island trackage."

Michael Monahan I spent many months of my (younger) life in that photo -- nice to see it. Section gangs were burdened with cleaning out the channel decking with narrowed spades and wheelbarrows so that we could sandblast and paint. One year we had to do the cleaning ourselves -- I can still feel the "bump, bump, bump" -- for long distances the further toward the middle we got. This photo appears to show the solid decking going on over the channel. There are a few stories to tell . . .

Update: Quad City Times has a rather extensive article on the bridge. Note that you can use "arrow buttons" to scroll through some pictures. Near the bottom, I found a link to a photo gallery of 26 pictures. Of note: "The first bridge design of architect Ralph Modjeski, the bridge is 1,850 feet long, and the swing span is 366 feet long with a tower in the center. Completed in 1896, the 120-year-old bridge is the only one of its kind in world, rotating 360 degrees in either direction at the swing. Food and farm products dominate the barge cargo passing through Rock Island's locks. According to the Corps' statistics, a total of 12,264 loaded barges and 4,814 empty barges locked through last year. In addition, there were 2,314 commercial vessels, 2,282 commercial flotillas (multiple boats), 47 non-commercial vessels, 46 non-commercial flotillas and 1,357 recreational vessels."

Manny Day posted
I always enjoy watching Iowa Interstate power with the CRI&P herald on the Govermnent Bridge in Davenport.
Glenn McAtee
Andy Wellman shared Retro Quad Cities's photo.
Celebrating the 100 years of the first bridge crossing the Mississippi River. And it's the Rock Island!

1956 Train on Arsenal Bridge going to Davenport
David Sebben posted
Steam moving across the Government Bridge between Rock Island, IL and Davenport, IA.
[This is the first view I remember seeing that is looking upstream.]
David Sebben posted
Crossing over the Government Bridge into Davenport, Iowa in the early 50's. I'm lousy at identifying locomotive types, any help?
Jonathan Hinely GP7 or a GP9 leaning towards the 7.
Mike Knox posted
7/23/17: #513 is The 3rd Engine on This Train, As it Heads into Rock, Island, Illinois at 9:00. On Tho Old Former Rock Island Line. Now of Course The IAIS.
1860 Photo courtesy of the Putnam Museum from QCtimes
[This the first bridge across the Mississippi built by the Rock Island 20 years before the first bridge was built in St. Louis. When a steamboat crashed into the bridge and burned, the railroad was sued. Abraham Lincoln was the lawyer for the railroad, and he won the right for railroads to cross navigable rivers. "This outcome caused a shift in the 'balance of power' in the Midwest. Before the bridge, river transportation was king, and St. Louis was the center of commerce. But after the win, railroads took over as king, with Chicago ascending as the major Midwest city, and river navigation and St. Louis decreased in importance."]
Bob Kalal posted
This off "Living History of Illinois & Chicago" Facebook page.
1930 Rock Island Arsenal Island bridge and Roller dam locks
One of 30 photos added by Mike Ironman

Brian Bell posted six photos with the comment:
First three are shots, Rock island Arsenal island, first train bridge across Mississippi River being rebuilt after collapse, shots 4/5 are close to present day. Double deck spans, old and new, trains on top cars beneath...... correction these are spans three and four, story of first two are quite interesting. Players include, Lincoln, Lee and Davis.…/…/2004/summer/bridge.html






A documentary video about Modjeski.

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