Wednesday, August 2, 2017

BNSF/Spokane, Portland & Seattle Bridge over Willamette River in Portland, OR

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, 3D Satellite)
"1908 Built with swing span, 1989 Vertical lift replaces swing span." [Bridge Hunter] The normal reason for replacing a swing span with a lift span is to more than double the width of the navigation channel.

Steven J. Brown posted
Amtrak Cascades #504 at the Willamette River Drawbridge in Portland, Oregon - August 1, 2017.
Adam Hinkle That bridge was converted from a swing bridge to a lift in 24 hrs. The towers and span was pre fabed....but still tearing out the swing span and piers and dreadging and installation of the new span....amazing!Bob Harbison That was an amazing project. I played a small part in that, we built the track on the new bridge, while it was in a drydock upstream a mile or two from the site.
When I saw all that wilderness, I wondered if I had the correct bridge. That is, how could this bridge be in a city? The answer is the city is squeezed up next to a mountain on one side. And it looks like some government did not allow the development of a flood plane on the other side. Or else there was an industry there and the land is too contaminated to develop. Looking up and down the river on the satellite image, I'd say the later is the case.

HAER ORE,26-PORT,8--45 from or0150

45. Photocopy of postcard (from copy print at Oregon Historical Society, Portland, neg. no. 74133, ca. 1910) SP&S BRIDGE OVER WILLAMETTE RIVER - Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge, Spanning Willamette River at River Mile 6.9, Portland, Multnomah County, OR

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