Wednesday, August 9, 2017

CRL/Rock Island South Chicago Yard

Both the BRC and RI had "South Chicago Yards." It looks like the BRC still has something. But the CRL/LS&BC/Rock Island yard is gone.
Bob Thamsen posted
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William L. Brushaber With all that high H.P. power, this is #57 leaving So Chicago yard west for Council Bluffs -UP. The Rock island transfer from BRC-Clearing enters at Gresham Jct at 87th St. and Vincennes Ave. and goes to Burr oak yard.
Harold J. Krewer Not to mention the BRC yard "over by dere" as we say in Chicago is Commercial Ave., not Clearing.
Four big burners and the time of day (noonish) tells me Brush is right on, this is 57 launching out of South Chicago.

Ingrid Drozdak 1300 horse power must have been a long train.
Harold J. Krewer 13,200 to be precise, Ingrid! There was probably going to be a GTW block tacked on the rear at Burr Oak with the train stopped on the main. Also by this late date I'm sure the power desk wanted to make sure there was enough HP to maintain 60 MPH to the Bluffs even if a unit shot craps.

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