Saturday, August 5, 2017

EJ&J Coil Unit Train from Waukegan

(Birds-Eye View, looking south)

I don't normally do photos of just a train, but this reminder that U.S. Steel used to have a mill in Waukegan is worthy of a post. The comments remind me that a train going timecard east on a belt railway can sometimes be going west.

Kevin piper posted
In autumn 1977, EJ&E repainted bicentennial SD38-2 668 and posed it for a publicity photo with new coil cars east of Waukegan. EJ&E RY. PHOTO
Harold J. Krewer This photo was also used on decks of playing cards. Have a deck in my collection.
Michael Steffen I believe Bob Gibson was responsible for this photo. The train is eastbound at Barrington, starting to climb the hill into Sutton. If you look close at the nose you'll notice a plastic green J ball on each side, the first time it was used.
Michael Christensen What a shot, all new paint!

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