Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ground Storage of Grains

I've noted some elevators that have used ground storage to help handle the bumper crops of corn we have had 2014-16 in the Towns and Nature blog such as

My motivation for this posting is two examples referring to ground storage within a day of each other. After a corn pile is made, it is covered with tarps (or plastic?)

Ken Bryan posted
Open-air wheat storage at the Conrad, MT United Grain elevator last week.
Jan Normandale I've never seen this before...!
Terry Selle I've seen a lot of elevators do this while work with UP.
Ken Bryan This is fairly common here, particularly on years with large harvests and when rail service is backlogged - neither of which are in effect this year. But this is a relatively small elevator, so I assume it is SOP for this location.
Edwsard Duke shared NebraskaTV
Mark Olson Actually around here in corn country - they pile a lot of it outside on purpose when the harvest is going strong - you don't want to know what they do to your food before you get it. I am sure they will salvage 90% of that. What they can't salvage for human will go to animal feed.

Agriculture: Temporary Grain Storage Solutions

Even though the elevator was built rather recently with big concrete silos, Moccasin, MT, also uses ground storage.

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