Saturday, August 5, 2017

CSX/NYC Bridge over Hudson River at Selkirk, NY

(Bridge Hunter, Satellite (it is still double tracked), Birds-Eye View, Street ViewRiver View)

The official name is the Alfred H. Smith Memorial Bridge. The bridge is about a mile long because it goes bluff-to-bluff. I recognize Selkirk as a town that has a big railroad yard.

"Note: Span length is approximate. Longest truss span 610 feet, shorter truss span is about 405 feet." [BridgeHunter]

Looking from the east side.
Street View
The approach on the east is above the treetops for quite a distance.
Street View
The bluff is a lot closer to the river on the west side.
Street View
The Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge is also impressive.

Daniel Spitzer provided a photo in a comment in Bridge Hunter
Caleb Lindquist posted two photos with the comment: "q424 passing over the hudson river via the alfred h smith crossing into schodack new york, him being a monster, a just under 14,000."


Two of the three photos posted by Caleb Lindquist with the comment: "w083 passing over the alfred h smith memorial bridge in schodack/selkirk new york."


Jack D. Kuiphoff shared a Flick link
(SEE & HEAR)----CR, Conrail #2916-1903-3112-3160-2830 with SBSE-6, crossing the Alfred H. Smith Memorial bridge, over the Hudson River at Selkirk, NY. 8-26-1978
[Below is the video, which I already had.]
(new window)  Judging from this video, if the trains have enough operating horsepower, they cross the bridge at track speed.

(new window) This video catches cranes on barges. So perhaps New York DOT understands the value of maintaining its bridges.

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