Tuesday, August 1, 2017

EJ&E Bridge over Grand Calumet River

Mark Hinsdale posted
In May of 2000, Elgin, Joliet & Eastern's Kirk Yard-Joliet road job heads across the Grand Calumet River at Cline Avenue in Gary IN. Today's train has a most "EJ&E-ish" consist of coil steel cars, some of which will likely be set out ahead at Van Loon, the interchange between the "J" and Norfolk Southern.
From Mark's photo, I thought maybe the western bridge was built on timber bents. But this closeup with Street View shows the bents are steel I-beams. Still, you don't see too many bridges in the big city using bents.
Street View
Arturo Gross shared a Flickr photo with the comment:
A pair of clean EJ&E SD38-2s, 665 and 668, lead a southbound over the Grand Calumet River at Gary, IN on Feb 27, 2004. You can still catch pairs of the J units, mostly on local jobs and transfers, but the paint is not nearly as nice now.

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