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2-lane Oversized Loads

Most oversized loads are longer than normal or fill all 12-feet of a modern US highway. An example is a modular building I saw get off in front of me in Gillman, IL, to refuel. These loads may temporarily hog both lanes around a curve on a divided highway, but they do not require road closures. But some loads are very oversized and hog two lanes all of the time. And when driving down a US or state road that has 2 lanes total, it requires the state police to prevent all oncoming traffic from using the road.

When I used to regularly drive from the Chicago area to Evansville, IN, I would take I-57 down to IL-16 to IL-130. One time when I was driving along IL-130, I saw a lot of temporary signs along the route saying it would be closed on Sunday because of a large load being transported on the road. On my way back on Sunday, I remembered all of those signs, so I stopped in Grayville to ask about that transport operation. Fortunately, a local knew about it. He said a big pressure vessel was being transported from a barge on the Ohio River to a nuclear plant up north in Indiana. (He mentioned the town, but I can't remember it.) IL-1 was a more direct route, but they were using IL-130 because there was a railroad overpass on IL-1 that did not have enough clearance. After discussing the probability that I would enounter traffic that was stopped by the state police on IL-130, I decided to take IL-15 west at Albion and use US-45 to get home that day.

Samuel Stokes shared a couple of publicity photos of Mammoet moving a pressure vessel that takes a lot of axles to spread the weight on the roads and bridges and requires a road to be closed. In fact, they had to make their own temporary road and bridge across a stream. I assume they did this to avoid going through a town which would require the removal of a lot of power lines and traffic lights.
Samuel Stokes shared
Samuel Stokes shared
Note that each axle unit must be attached to the frame with a hydraulic cylinder that is connected to all of the other axle units so that the axle will go up and down to maintain a tire pressure consistent with the other units. Several steel culverts are being used to pass the flow of the stream. The retaining wall built with stream and/or field stones is quaint.

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This is the bed of a heavy haul truck that is probably going from one mine to a nearby mine. It appears the trailer has controllable air suspension so that they can raise the driver side and lower the passenger side. I wonder how many obstacles they had to "tip toe" over. I don't see anybody walking along helping the driver keep an eye on things. I assume a helper is simply out of view. They don't make truck mirrors big enough to see what is happening on the sides of that load.

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[Thanks to the shoulders, this would not normally block traffic in the other lane. But unless this road has very modern bridges, it would block the other lane on the bridges. I was wondering why I could not see the rear "warning truck." Then I realized it was driving in the left lane! I have noticed that Europe does seem to be more lenient about wide loads.  ]
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UPDATE: Crews are working today to remove an extremely heavy generator and get it onto a new truck to continue on its way. Route 13 remains closed.
UPDATE: Crews are waiting on big equipment to arrive to remove the generator and upright the truck. Route 13 will remain closed for several more hours. Traffic continues to be detoured using Henry County Routes N & M.
Here's a look at the oversized load that crashed on Route 13 north of Clinton. Both lanes of the highway are blocked. The truck was hauling a 430,000 pound power generator that was 232 feet long. It's going to be awhile before things are cleared off. Traffic is being detoured on Henry County Routes N and M.
Kyle Kelk How the hell do you manage that?
Larry Lutsie Apparently you've never been with a 19 axle. If the pintal hook or steering mechanism breaks, the dolly will veer off to one side or the other until it goes off the road and over she goes. I've seen it twice.
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Jason Newell That is a MANITOWOC 4600 the track pads are 5’ wide a peace and set up as a dragline with 140’ of boom 8 yard bucket it weighs in At 450,000 pounds.[The comments discussed the size and high center of gravity risk until someone pointed out it is a double hitch pulling two trailers. It looks like this may be an off-road transfer so the two-lane width is not an issue.]
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How some people do Heavy Hauling
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Jimmy Haynes Photoshopped
Bradley Stoddard Nope thats a pic of me yesterdayKeith Cogan It’s not photoshopped. It’s a real trailer. A conventional trailer will never do a job like this. Simply not enough strength in a conventional trailer
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Custom Kenworth C-500 heavy haul with a CAT 793C haul truck on wagon
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Two trucks hogging the road to transport a Cat D11.

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