Friday, April 29, 2016

Using industrial locomotives to build the early paved roads

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A Whitcomb locomotive made in Rochelle. Can anyone guess what it is helping to do?
Richard Mead Build US 20 ?
Steve OConnor In the post WW I era this was huge business for Whitcomb and other small industrial locomotives. Whitcomb industrial locomotives helped build the very same roads that would enable truck traffic to run them out of business a couple decades later.
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The primitive trucks that existed in the post WW I era would not have done well on roads like these. The solution to paving roads was to lay temporary tracks along side the road and locate a temporary cement plant along the way and have these industrial locomotives haul gravel and the cement back and forth as the road progressed.
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Steve OConnor commented They hauled gravel for the road bed and also the concrete for the pavement.

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