Sunday, April 10, 2016

CWP&S's South Deering Yard

A comment on the second picture of a posting by Marty Bernard indicated Chicago, West Pullman & Southern (CWP&S) had a South Deering Yard.

Brubaker, C. William, 1974, "Railroad Yards, South Deering", bru012_10_jF, UIC, CC BY-NC-SA, cropped
View looking southwest from East 103rd Street overpass at a large rail yard site. Boxcars in the foreground include one from the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railway (C&EI) and another from Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad (DT&I). These rail yards extend southeast from approximately East 100th Street to East 110th Street.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
I believe the yard went from 100th to 104th and industrial spurs went south down to 110th Street to serve Wisconsin Steel, which was the reason the CWP&S existed. I wonder if the "line" along the middle of the white area was a railroad trestle on which slag cars ran and the white area is a slag dump. It looks like the slag dump has been cleaned up, but a lot of the yard still exists. But they have made some of the land on the north end productive by selling it to industries.

Steve OConnor posted
Wisconsin Steel Corporation: Dumping slag in South Chicago (WIS Photo-Dr. Raymond Boothe Collection).
David Raley When I was a conductor for CSX switching a local at NUCOR steel in Crawfordsville, IN, there was a nearby slag pit that when dumped into would light up the whole sky even when it couldn't be seen from where you were standing. The first time I saw it I actually started to run toward my engine because I thought it was an explosion in the mill, but the engineer explained it was just NUCOR's slag dumper and no loud boom would follow the big light it made.
Steve OConnor posted
Interlake Iron Corporation-1965: Ladle Accident (IK Photo-Dr. Raymond Boothe Collection).
It is a different steel company, but I wanted to keep pictures concerning slag cars together.]
Steven J. Brown posted
Chicago West Pullman and Southern EMD switcher dumping slag near Pullman Junction, Chicago, IL - February 12, 1976.

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