Friday, April 22, 2016

New Haven Foundry

Curt Danielewicz shared Fred Dennett's photo
I was going to pass on this picture until I read some of the comments. They give some insight into railroading and heavy industry (and why we now have OSHA).

Cortera describes it as a "Gray and Ductile Iron Foundary." The building no longer exists. Judging by the list of cars received, they were shipping all of their product with trucks by 1974.

Charles Geletzke Jr. Received six gon loads of scrap, two C&O covered hoppers with molding sand, two C&O hoppers with coke (X-DC) six days a week(M-Sat), and an occasional boxcar carrying foundry additives.

Ben Planck Hey CH, remember that BIG kick CF made? It was heading to the crossing. In order to stop the car I had to go up the ladder (A) run on top of the coke to reach the hand brake.on the other end(B)! That was train No. 454 with three GP9s.

Charles Geletzke Jr. BH: Yes, I do recall that. You were just like a cat covering ___! You definitely averted disaster!

Ben Planck Sure took the wind out me. Good thing we young at the time.

Charles Geletzke Jr. That was the only location that I ever received a personal injury during my entire working a piece of steel in my eye in 1968.

Dan Meinhard You should have worked in the medical clinic there and see some of the injuries due to incompetence that occurred! When I would leave work, I would take the soot ladened uniform off in my laundry room and shower all that black soot / sand off if me. That was a filthy place to work! When did rail service end? What was the track arrangement?

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