Friday, April 1, 2016

Davenport, Rock Island & North Western

This 37-mile industrial/terminal railroad in the Quad Cities area was purchased by CP and BN in 1995. CP owns the Iowa side and BNSF owns the Illinois side and the Crescent Bridge. But they both have trackage rights on the other part. (TrainOrders) TrainLife has details about where it operated.
Switching the Tri-Cities (now Quad Cities) area was a railroad jointly owned by the Burlington and Milwaukee Roads. It began in 1884 as the Davenport & Rock Island Ry Bridge Co. In 1895 it became the Davenport & Rock Island Bridge Ry and Terminal Co. Finally the DRI&NW name was adopted in 1898. The trackage extends from Clinton, IA, to Carbon Cliff, IL, and includes the bridge over the Mississippi. (DonsDepot)
In the photo, note that you can see the rollers of Dam #15 under the Centennial Bridge.

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