Saturday, April 16, 2016

Grain Bin Explosions

Eric Berger posted
Eric's comment:
This elevator in northern Franklin County, OH, may not long endure, based on the seemingly increasing trend toward demolition of large vacant structures. Urban encroachment eliminated the nearby farming necessary to its usefulness long ago.
The comments indicate that the holes at the base of two of the bins were caused by grain explosions. The comments also point out that these explosions leave very little soot.

I knew that explosions where an issue in the head house and that dust control is a very important aspect of operating an elevator, but I did not realize that they could also pop out the side of a concrete silo.
Eric Berger posted
Jesse T Wells commented on the above posting
Here is a pic of a hole caused by a grain explosion. Note that there is no soot residue.
Update: keeping the dust under control to avoid explosions is not a completely solved problem. The Prairie Grain elevator in Clarkfield, MN, exploded around 8am May 11. When I looked on May 14, their web site had an alert indicating that they will be receiving grain starting May 13.

kfkyrtv, another example of how flammability of grain dust --- it is expected to be a total loss.

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