Thursday, April 21, 2016

NKP's Calumet Yard, Coaling Tower, Roundhouse, Turntable

3D Satellite

Ray Peacock posted
Ray's comment:
The NKP Berk fleet was in their prime, the photographer was ask to leave after getting this shot at Calumet Yard.
I've studied the satellite images of the Calumet Yard more than once and concluded that probably the only chance I would have to get pictures of the engine servicing facilities would be to walk across the woods on the east side. I would probably also need a stepladder. It is interesting that Google labels a building as Canadian Pacific Railway. All the railroad maps I have looked at label this yard as Norfolk Southern since they got NW, which got NKP. The west side of the yard has been converted to intermodal service, but most of the yard remains as a classification yard.

I assume the Thoroughbred Terminal was for Triple Crown Road Railer service, NS discontinued that service this past year except between Detroit and Kansas City for auto parts. And I believe they were the only railroad doing it. It looks like the Chicago tracks are now used for car storage.

Since most industries on the South Side are gone, I checked Landers Yard (NS/NW/Wabash) as well. It has been completely converted to intermodal. I don't see anyplace for Road Railer assembly.

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Richard Mead posted
NKP Calumet Yard Chicago. Photo Richard Leonard.

A Flickr photo from the pit under NS 1625 in the roundhouse. Some pictures of the yard are in TrainOrders. (Info from Facebook comments on a posting.)

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