Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Aban/CN/IC/C&IW Rall Bascule Bridge over Collateral Channel

David Daruszka commented on Bill Molony's posting
This unique Rall lift bridge was built by the
C&IW over a slip of the Sanitary Canal.
It is a Chicago landmark.
(Bridge HunterHistoric BridgesSatelliteBird's Eye View)
Please access Historic Bridges for pictures. I have studied the satellite image, and there does not appear to be a legal way to get decent pictures of this bridge from land.

This bridge over the Collateral Channel is another bridge to nowhere, and it is locked down. What little track that is left has had the turnout with the IC removed just east of the bridge. But as Nathan Holth in Historic Bridges commented, this Theodor Rall design is rare. It is one of the eleven bridges on the Historic Chicago Railroad Bridges list.
I copied the satellite image to record that at least one industry is still using barges on this canal slip. The bridge is near the south end of the channel. (Update: research on the Collateral Channel indicates that these barges are just being stored here. There are plans to turn the channel into a park because the stagnate water stinks when there is no wind to blow the smell away. Will they leave the bridge over the park as a monument to Chicago's industrial past?)

Edward Kwiatkowski posted a picture that includes the north side of this bridge.
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