Friday, April 22, 2016

NS/NW/Wabash Bridge over Wabash River in Attica, IN

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Jeffrey Bossaer posted
Westbound Wabash Railroad freight train on the Wabash River bridge at Attica, Indiana, 1938. Photo courtesy of the Linden Depot Museum.
James Beudreaux posted
Jeffrey Bossaer This picture is courtesy of the Linden Depot Museum. It is in their display along with many others from Attica. Some of them do have the photographer's name. They were going to scan them for me, but are understaffed so they suggested that I just photograph them with my camera. The pictures that I got from the museum were used locally for displays and educational programs, and preserved in the form of printed materials, discs, and flash drives and given to libraries and historical organizations. None were ever sold. I posted this picture and many others, on this page back in November 2017. Glad to see them spread around some.

Bird's Eye View

Jeffrey Bossaer posted
Wabash Railroad bridge spanning the Wabash River and Pine Creek at Attica, Indiana before 1922. Notice a little bit of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad bridge in the lower left corner of this picture.
[I did not realize the Chicago & Eastern Illinois had a branch up here. That goes on the "todo" list.]
Bill Molony posted a link from WorldWideRails

Jeffrey Bossaer posted six photos including a couple of historic photos.

Jeffrey Bossaer posted eight photos concerning the passenger train wreck on the bridge in 1914.

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