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B&OCT's Lincoln Street Coach Yard

Henry Freeman posted
John Uhlich posted
Henry's comment of relevance to this topic: "[This is a valuation map] showing the west end of Robey Yard and Lincoln St. Coach Yard."

Most maps of the Chicago area that I have seen that include railroad yards show Robey Street Yard but do not show Lincoln Street Yard.

Note that Robey Street has already been renamed Damen Avenue and Lincoln Street was recently renamed Wolcott Avenue when this map was drawn because both names are used on the map.

Henry Freeman comment
Lincoln St. Sanborn map.
In the comments, Henry explains that he posted a valuation map, which are more accurate than Sanborn Maps with respect to track layout. He added a Sanborn map as a comment for comparison. The 1915 Smoke Abatement report that I have been using for maps in Chicago doesn't even have Lincoln, just Robey. Probably because passenger coaches don't generate much smoke. (Robey has the engine servicing facilities.)
Scott Griffith posted, cropped
Looking East along B&OCT toward Lake Michigan with the Lincoln Street coach yard on the left. A small portion of the Robey Street roundhouse is visible on lower left side of the photo.

Scott Griffith posted
Looking South with the Lincoln Street coach yard offices and commissary in the foreground and Robey Street roundhouse and locomotive servicing facilities on the right.
Scott Griffith posted
Bob Lalich That is an interesting tidbit. He later stored his locomotive(s) at the C&WI roundhouse at 51st St.
1960 Photo by James B. Redmond, cropped, Cornell (source) (Flickr)
Tim O'Connor commented on a post
TJ Cloke B&OCT Lincoln Street coach yard. See this post, 4th photo down.
Ramon Rhodes TJ Cloke excellent references!
Bob Lalich TJ Cloke - you are correct, the photo posted by Tim O'Connor is B&OCT's Lincoln Ave Coach Yard.
Flickr and B&O Set

Flickr and B&O Set

Gary Statkus posted four images with the comment:
While searching the web, I came across this aerial photo (Photo No. 1), and thought, what? What is this? I don't remember this railroad yard. I noticed that in the upper left, is University Hall of the then, U of I Circle Campus, built around 1964, so this photo is to the southwest of the now UIC campus. Did some research and found out that this it the Lincoln Yards, the passenger coach yards of the Baltimore & Ohio and Chesapeake & Ohio Railroads, located south of 14th Street, between Wood and Wolcott. To the east of the Lincoln Yards, is the Douglas Park 'L' line, now the Pink Line. Photo No. 2 is a view of the area from the north. The yellow square highlights St. Paul Catholic Church at 22nd Place and Hoyne Avenue, and the green arrow points to the Stevenson Expressway and Damen Avenue interchange. Photo No. 3 is a track plan of B&O's Lincoln Yards. Photo No. 4 is an aerial photo of the area today--all gone, and part of 'Forgotten Chicago'
Santiago Rendon What I believe to be Global One now.
Sam Bergus Yep, Global I (an intermodal facility,) owned by Union Pacific. UP has recently been making some major changes with their intermodal terminals around Chicago, so there is a possibility the current facility might end up as forgotten history in the near future too.
[Judging from the images, it looks like he found this web page. But he did add value so I'll repeat them.]

Michael Riha shared
Andre Kristopans Lincoln was old name of Wolcott St. One block east of Damen (old Robey). Note yard was between Damen and Wolcott. Yard was used by B&O, C&O, and when they ran out of Grand Central CGW for passenger trains. Yard other side of Damen was CNW Produce Terminal Yard. B&O freight yard was Barr in Blue Island, C&O (old Pere Marquette) was at 73rd and Kedzie) [Rockwell Yard].

Billy Duffing provided 22 photos of C&NW Potato and Global One Yards as comments on this post. Those photos have been recorded in a separate post.




4 posted
Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal 0-8-0 #1704 appears to be carrying out switching chores near Grand Central Station on March 25, 1956.
Bob Lalich Judging by the Board of Trade building in the far right background, this locomotive was working the Lincoln St Coach Yard.
James Tragos A little tidbit from this Chicago railroader.-lol

Grand Central Station was a passenger railroad terminal in downtown Chicago, Illinois, from 1890 to 1969. It was located at 201 West Harrison Street on a block bounded by Harrison, Wells and Polk Streets and the Chicago River in the southwestern portion of the Chicago Loop.
Location: 201 West Harrison Street, Chicago, Illinois
Opened: December 8, 1890
Owned by: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Built: 1890
Dennis DeBruler commented on post
Action shots in the B&OCT Lincoln Street Coach Yard are rare enough that it is worth digging deeper. I found a 1938 aerial photo that is positioned such that both Grand Central Station and the coach yard are on it. I put a red rectangle (near the upper-right corner) around the passenger station and a yellow rectangle (near the lower-left corner) around the coach yard. Just to the west of the coach yard was B&OCT's Robey Street Yard, which was their engine facility. (Damen Avenue used to be named Robey Street.)

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