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Flood of 2019: Mississippi Lock and Dam #15, Rock Island, IL

(Historic BridgesJohn A. Weeks IIISatellite)
This dam and lock is one of those topics were there is so much information that I have not taken the time to write about it. But I want to get this video published.

Obviously, this was an emergency repair. Note how high the downstream part of the river is. You can see the prop wash behind the towboat holding the barge in place against the current. The must have the upstream gates open, which is a big surprise. Also, the road was closed during repairs because the bridge span had to be open to make room for the barge.

So, for now, I'll summarize from memory. It was one of the first dams built by the Army Corps of Engineers for the 9-foot channel project for the Mississippi River. At the time, rolling gates were the known technology for big gates, so that is what this dam uses. Since then, the corps has developed the Tainter gate for use in big river dams. Some of the Mississippi dams are hybirds where about four of the gates are still rolling gates. Newer dams use just Tainter gates.
Quad Cities Buildings / Landmarks / History posted
Quad Cities Buildings / Landmarks / History posted
Construction Lock and Dam 15
Date Original
August 11, 1931
Putnam Museum and Science Center, 1717 West 12th Street, Davenport, Iowa 52804

Note the Government Bridge goes over the lock structures. It carries a road on the lower deck and IAIS/Rock Island on the upper deck.

There is a webcam for these locks. (2019 Update: a webcam link that works) In fact, that looks like the source of the time lapse video. There were other webcams of other views. Some views designed for bird (eagle) watchers. But I can't find them right now.

Flood of 2019:
Screenshot @ -:043
Elle Kay
I have never seen a train go through water like this. This is downtown Davenport, IA. I was up in the sky bridge checking out the Mississippi River flooding.
[She happened to catch the gates of the dam rolled all the way up.]
Webcam accessed 3/26/2019
[Note the river level below the lock is the same as above the lock. At least the water is not in the machinery yet.]

I can't believe I happened to catch the bridge with some engines on it. So while I worked on the adding the above info, I reloaded the webcam page to get fresh photos of the train crossing. The train goes real slow. Several minutes went by before I could catch an image with the train gone. I thought the image used to update every 30 seconds. It seemed a lot longer than that now. In fact, I gave up waiting. I don't think I was getting multiple views of tank cars going by because each sample had the same alignment of the tank car ends with the bridge's truss members.



Jack Tanner Towing shared USACE's post
After a record breaking 92 consecutive days (the old record was 37 days set in 2001), the roller dams at Locks and Dam 15 in Rock Island, Illinois, were finally lowered back into the water over the weekend! The roller dams help keep pool levels steady to maintain a nine-foot navigational channel for commercial barge traffic. #2019FloodFight

Jan Danielsen posted
Lock and dam 15 and along the river Davenport, Iowa. Pool 16.

David Sebben posted several photos of the Flood of 2019 with the comment: "Today's flood photos from Davenport, Iowa. Since I work just 2 blocks from the river, I ventured down at lunchtime to shoot a few. I can only imagine how much worse it was many, many years ago when there used to be quite a few buildings on the river side of River Drive. Flood level was at 20.6 feet today." These are some of the views of the dam and locks.
[The river is near the top of the lock wall under the bridge.]





Jan Danielsen posted
The river isn't supposed to be past the fence. AND it won't be one of these days. Davenport, Iowa lock and dam 15.


Flooding disrupts midwestern supply chain

12:59 PM ET Tue, 21 May 2019
Adding insult injury: the record flooding of the Mississippi River has created a supply chain problem in our nation's bread basket. Contessa Brewer reports from Rock Island, IL

Chris C J Johnson posted some videos and several photos of a train on the bridge, a tow through the lock, and a monument with the history of the Rock Island.

Update with some normal river levels:

David Webster posted two photos.


Trish Bowman posted
Pretty cool pic from M/V Titletown USA

Midwest TowBoat Revue posted
M/V Joyce Hale, southbound on the Mississippi River, leaving Lock & Dam 15 in Rock Island, Illinois. 6-1-2021.

Chuck Holst posted
JOYCE HALE leaving Lock # 15

Chuck Holst commented on his post

Chuck Holst commented on his post

Chuck Holst posted

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Chuck Holst commented on his post

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