Sunday, February 4, 2018

CN/EJ&E Leithton Yard

This yard is just west of Leithton Junction.
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1980 with southbound EJ&E switching at Leithton yard
Not only was it an interchange yard, it evidently served some local industries as well because Medline Industries looks like it is still rail served. According to their web site, they look like just yet another warehouse and distribution facility. But judging from the six covered hoppers with round loading hatches on their industrial spur and the silos near the bottom of this satellite image, they make some stuff with plastic. Also note the three tank cars in the yard. Someone in the area must make something that needs a liquid.
Sam Carlson posted (source)
On June 16, 1997 at Leithton, IL.
[Judging by the power poles, this picture was taken looking east from the west end of this yard.]
Charles Haraver posted
Leithton, IL 8-11-88. After operating on the WC from Duplainville, WI, to Leithton, a detouring Amtrak #8 is backing onto the J. Once on the J's Western Sub main, the train will go compass east / timetable west to Rondout, and eventually CUS. THe Builder detoured for 2 days, but the following day it stayed on the WC all the way to B12. I sill have a hard time imagining those Superliners creaking around that sharp S curve at B12.

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