Sunday, February 25, 2018

Milwaukee's Morning Hiawatha leaving CUS under Lake Street Elevated

I normally don't bother with photos of passenger trains, but this 1957 photo has so much Chicago railroad history, I couldn't resist.
ChuckMan's Photos, License: non-commercial (source)
Note the Kinzie Street RR Bridge is in the down position, and Milwaukee's Chicago & Evanston Bridge is peaking out above and beyond the Kinzie bridge.

2011 Street View
Digitally Zoomed
Zooming in on the cold storage building because the photo is old enough that it is a cold storage building. The building still exists, but it has been heavily remodeled.

3D Satellite
I saved a 3D Satellite view because, given the way the area is being gentrified, someone is going to tear down Cassidy Tire and Service and build a high rise. I wonder what the architects will do to stop the noise of trains accelerating out of the train stations and the noise of the wheels squealing around the sharp curves. It is on my todo list to go to Blommer Chocolate during business hours because they have a retail shop. Maybe I'll then walk over to these curves to listen to how noisy they are. It is possible that UP and Metra lube the rails well enough that there is no squeal.

3D Satellite

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