Saturday, February 3, 2018

Southern Railroad Duncan Tunnel

Satellite plus Paint

Bill Stroud posted
Very old picture of the West Portal of Duncan Tunnel early 1900s.

Bill Stroud posted
East portal of Duncan tunnel many winters ago December 2000 (Bob Lawson Photo).

Bill Stroud commented on his posting
Picture of the same tunnel in 1951
Street View, West Portal

Robert Brummett posted two photos with the comment:
Many people think that The Big Tunnel in Tunnelton is the longest tunnel in Indiana at 1750 feet long, but it's not, by a long shot. The longest tunnel is Duncan Tunnel in Edwardsville at a whopping 4295 feet long!

Bill Stroud posted
Duncan Tunnel East Portal (western bound) photo by Bob Lawson
Bill Stroud Southern always ran their engines long hood forward to protect the engineers in case of a collision.
Bill Stroud posted
Duncan Tunnel Heading West out of the western Portal

(new windowBill Stroud Here you can ride the train through Duncan  (source)

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