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C&JE: Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway

BRHS posted
A southbound Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Company interurban car passes through downtown Lockport as it travels from the southwest side of Chicago to downtown Joliet back in 1915.

C&JE was the Chicago & Joliet Electric interurban. I originally researched it when I tried to determine if the Asian Carp barrier and power line ran along an abandoned interurban right-of-way.

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But the only interurban route I could find in the Lemont area was the C&JE, which was south of the Sanitary and Ship Canal. The Asian Carp barrier is north of the canal.

Bill Molony mentioned in a comment that today's New Avenue uses the C&JE RoW.

Their car barn, substation and yard was in Bedford Park, IL.

Like many other electric interurban railways, the C&JE built a park to create ridership on the weekends. Several companies would hold their annual company picnic at this park. The park still exists in Lockport, IL; but I skipped the playground areas and focused on the Dellwood Dam that they had built to create a recreational lake.

BRHS posted two photos with the comment: "This is a map of the Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Company, along with the service it provided back in 1915."
Dennis DeBruler Dellwood Park in Lockport is a remnant of the amusement park that C&JE built to generate weekend traffic. Building an amusement park was a common practice for interurban companies. Companies such as the EJ&E would hold annual picnics for their employees at the park. The dam still stands, but rectangular holes have been cut in it so that there is no longer a lake in the park.

Bill Molony commented on one of his postings
Here's a map of the C&JE between Chicago and Joliet.
Bill Molony posted again
The Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Company provided electric interurban train service between Chicago and Joliet, beginning on September 25, 1901 and ending on November 16, 1933.
Bill Molony posted
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 I drew this over the Google Maps aerial view based on several descriptions I found online.

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