Sunday, February 4, 2018

CSX/Western Maryland #1 Tunnel (Kelly Mountain Tunnel)

Matt Reese has such a famous photo of a Western Maryland cab unit barely fitting in the portal that some people think it is in the public domain. The EMD FP7 is still in WM livery, but in the 2007 photo it was owned by West Virginia Central Railroad.

Satellite plus Paint     There is a S-curve in the tunnel, but the red line is a guess.

(new window)  (source)

Skip to 1:10 in this video to watch the WM Shay #6 come out of the east portal.. (source) It must have been going deliberately slow because they were worried about a car clearing a curve somewhere in the tunnel. Obviously, the Shay, a geared locomotive, had plenty of power to pull the train once it was given a "green light." Even after a lot of track work, 85' passenger cars clear by just a few inches.

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