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NS/Wabash Bridge over Sangamon River and IL-48 at Decatur, IL

(Bridge Hunter, 3D Satellite) Named the St. Louis Bridge
While researching Richard's photo of the IC bridge, I noticed that this bridge was longer.

Wabash RR Photo, Public Domain
Original "St. Louis Bridge" before rebuilding

Wabash RR Photo, Public Domain
St. Louis Bridge during rebuild

Wabash RR Photo, Public Domain
St. Louis Bridge after rebuild
Transcribed by James HolzmeierOn January 31, 1927, work was completed on the northbound track of the new $850,000 bridge over the Sangamon River at Decatur and on that date the Banner Blue Limited used the bridge for the first time.
Work was commenced on the new bridge in April, 1926, and it is expected that the entire job will be finished this fall.
The new double track steel and concrete structure will replace an old single track bridge and will eliminate a steep grade as the new bridge is elevated 13 feet above the old.
There has been no interruption in traffic during the construction work.
The new bridge consists of twelve spans of double track girders on concrete piers, the larges span being 106 feet long. These girders support concrete slabs which carry the track. By using this type of construction it is possible to use ballast under the tracks on the bridge and thus secure a smoother riding track.
The following statistics will give an idea of the magnitude of the job involved: The bridge is 1,062 feet long, 6,550 feet of line is affected, 1,665 tons of structural steel and 235 tons of reinforcing rods were used; 10,600 cubic yards of concrete and 150,000 yards of embankment fill were used.
From the March 1, 1927 edition of the Wabash News (monthly publication for employees)
[Bridge Hunter]
 Richard Koenig posted two photos with the comment:
St. Louis Bridge
These two images show a Norfolk Southern local job crossing the St. Louis Bridge in Decatur, Illinois. This particular line, of the former Wabash Railroad, splits from the east-west main, in Decatur, and heads southwest to St. Louis. The bridge is used to span the Sangamon River, as well as Illinois Route 48.
Two images by Richard Koenig; taken February 9th 2018.

Jim Beams posted
In Decatur Ill. N&S bridge over the sangmon river right next to route 48 south.

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