Saturday, February 10, 2018

IL-104 Bridges across Illinois River at Meredosia, IL

Old: (Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, John A Weeks III, Satellite)
New: (Bridge Hunter, IDOT (I hope IDOT maintains the new bridge better than they are maintaining this web site. I saw a lot of broken link icons. And most DOT web sites would have contained a photo gallery of construction pictures, if not videos, when this much taxpayer money is being spent on a project.))

John A Weeks III, 1936, reconstructed in 1984, fixed in 1990s
The city of Meredosia is famous as being one of the first cities in the United States to have a railroad line. The Northern Cross line started in 1838, and was one of the first 3 operating steam railroads in the US. There is a depot and caboose preserved as part of a small museum a few blocks south of IL-104. [John A Weeks III] John has another posting about an abandoned Wabash Railroad bridge.


Lisa Ruble posted five photos with the comment:
The new Meredosia Bridge (Morgan County, Illinois and Pike County, Illinois) that will carry Illinois 104 traffic over the Illinois River from Meredosia (east approach) to Pike County (west approach). Construction of the bridge began in April 2015 with an opening date planned for this summer. The bridge is 2,127 feet long and 44 feet wide with a total of nine concrete piers. The half moon looking center span is 590 feet long and 118 feet tall allowing for a 55 foot clearance for river traffic below. Construction of the bridge is being done by Halverson Construction Co of Springfield, Illinois (Sangamon County) costing $75.1 million dollars. The existing Meredosia Bridge was built in 1936 at a cost of $530,000 and was dedicated by then Governor Henry Horner.





Sep 2016 Street View

Sep 2016 Street View

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