Friday, February 9, 2018

CN/EJ&E Spaulding Yard

The yard is just south of Spaulding Junction, and it would have been an interchange yard with the Milwaukee. It is still being used, probably to serve local industry. A satellite image not only caught a couple of cuts of cars parked in the yard, but also a local locomotive.

Mark Llanuza posted
Its the year 2009 with northbound switching at Spaulding yard.
Gregg Wolfersheim Jose. Coming out of the "north" siding.Mike Schattl There's a trailer park in the southeast quadrant of Spaulding crossing....... I have debated whether to move there. With the J being gone, I dunno.
Mark Llanuza posted
The year 2009 northbound at Spaulding setting out cars.
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 2009 north bound switching at Spaulding
Chad Davis What is TWC?
Gregory Bailey Track Warrant Control

Update: Mark Llanuza posted six photos with the comment: "Its the year 2011 CN derailed on the former EJ&E jct at Spaulding all Metra / CPrail tracks and closing down the EJ&E for 36 hours."
Richard Weber A very long two days for us in the mow department.






Mark posted again
Its the year 2011 northbound CN train on the EJ&E derailed on the diamond at Spaulding blocking Metra trains for 24 hours.

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