Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trail/Aban/CSX/B&O over Wabash River at Montezuma, IN

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, Satellite)

Note to self, the road bridge is also worth seeing. (I discovered this US-36 truss bridge when I tried to get a Street View of the old railroad bridge.)

On of six photos posted by Jeffrey Bossaer
Old railroad bridge over the Wabash River at Montezuma, Indiana converted to pedestrian traffic. I think I saw an old map that identified this as the Indiana Decatur and Western Railroad.
Chad Quick I think the ID&W was folded into the B&O as this was their line from Indianapolis to Decatur
[The 2005 SPV Map shows the B&O predecessor as Cincinnati, Indianapolis & Western. It is possible that the ID&W was a predecessor to the CI&W.]
Fortunately funds were found to open it to pedestrian traffic because Brent's photo shows that the bridge was abandoned in 2013. CSX abandoned this former B&O route between its former C&EI route just west of the Wabash River and Indianapolis.
March 2013 Photo by Brent Tindall, public domain
It appears that CSX or a predecessor had already replaced the swing span truss with a truss that could be supported by its ends.
Comment by Rob in Bridge Hunter
The old swing pier, debris field, and sandbar do add some interesting "character" to the bridge. Actually, it is nice if the old pier is left because otherwise I would have never known there was a swing span. It also shows that you do not want Mother Nature (trees) to take over because their roots can be remarkably destructive.

A 1912 postmarked postcard view shows this bridge has been a mix of girders and trusses for a long time, but it had more trusses than girders back then.
Ethan Fouts posted
Railroad bridge in Montezuma, Indiana.Now it’s a trail!

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