Thursday, February 15, 2018

TP&W Bridge over Tippecanoe River in Monticello, IN

(Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

Jay Roberts posted
Taken on 12/01/1983 in Montecello, IN. taken by Mike Matalis of Downers Grove, IL. with Mike's O key Doe-key !
TP&W GP38-2 # 2002 and Santa Fe GP38 # 3500 are crossing the Tippecanoe River.

Street View
My motivation for pursuing a posting of a 1959 Flickr photo of refers crossing the bridge is David Jordan's comment on the posting that explained how the beef was routed from the Great Plains to the east: "Morrell & Co reefers...must have been meat loads shipped from Ottumwa, Iowa and routed CBQ-Peoria-TPW-Effner-PRR.." It appears that this is another bypass around Chicago that is lost because BNSF and NS don't want to share revenue with TP&W and/or the terminal railroad that owns the bridge across the Illinois River. Of course, refer traffic itself was lost to trucks and and Interstate highways decades ago.

I discovered that a 1974 tornado blew off four of the six spans, but the bridge was quickly repaired.

From NOAA Site from Bridge Hunter

From NOAA Site from Bridge Hunter, View looking Southeasterly

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