Thursday, February 1, 2018

Port Authority Ferry between New Jersey and New York

(Satellite location of both docks is below)
Carl Venzke posted
Port Authority initiative has reactivated water freight line between New Jersey and New York.
Satellite, New Jersey Side
Satellite, New York Side

Photo -
Ted Gregory shared a Progressive Railroading link.
[To replace the ferry with a tunnel would require a 4-mile tunnel. They expect to study (Tier II Environmental) three more years a tunnel solution vs. an expanded ferry service. For the price of all of the studies, they probably could have bought a few more ferry barges.]

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Jose Osorio shared
Tim Jantzen OMG! I remember loading those friggen things. Sometimes 5 tracker barges that we had to shift back and forth to equalize the loads. Almost rolled one right over. I couldn't believe the cars didn't just flop over. Wait till you try and load 130 tons hopper cars onto a 3 track barge. That's a blast!
Doug Crawford The thing people seem to forget about the NY harbor setup is that they used to deliver barges/cars to business and docks up and down the river. It wasn’t just bridge traffic floating from one side to the other
Anthony Cerruto posted
New York City
Railroad Cars
Crossing Hudson River
Frank Welgemond
John Wright There’s still one car floating operation in New York harbor going between New Jersey and Sunset Park, Brooklyn. At one time thousands of freight cars a day were moved around the harbor, mostly to small terminal railroads not connected by rail to the larger network.
Robert O'Brien They also went to North River piers operated by the Railroads.
Patrick Driscoll I remember when they pulled in to the 68th st dock on the westside. I even saw a few cars that rolled off into the Hudson.
Peter Nack Steam tug. Empire State pre-broadcasting spire.
Peter Nack Car floats were ubiquitous in the Harbor and East River.
[A reminder that before the 1970s, about everything fit in a boxcar. Note the huge gasometer about a third from the right in the background.]
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Still floating them, NYNJ PORT AUTHORITY
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[I could not find RonaldD in the Photographer menu.]
They’re still running today! Photo taken by my friend, Bernie Ente on my first day operating the floatbridge in Jersey City. Summer 2004 (“RonaldD” is a name he used sometimes for posting online).
The carfloat is coming back from Brooklyn. NY Cross Harbor RR.

Also worked for their successor, NYNJ 2007-2008. It’s all part of the Port Authority of NY&NJ and both the Brooklyn & Jersey City sides were rebuilt after Sandy heavily damaged them. They’re doing great now as it is Norfolk Southern RR’s only access into NYC and Long Island.

[The NYNJR New York dock is also going to be used by American PetroLog for transloading services in the Brooklyn Army Terminal.]
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