Friday, February 2, 2018

IC/C&NW Bridge at mouth of Chicago River

(Satellite, lost)

Jeff Bransky posted
Has anyone ever seen a photo of the railroad bridge, depicted east of Michigan Avenue, on this 1895 Rand McNally Chicago Map?
David Daruszka At one time there was a railroad swing bridge that connected the Illinois Central yards on the south side of the river with the Chicago & North Western yards on the north side. I have never been able to discover when it was removed, and both maps accurately depict the bridge.
John Hammond commented on Jeff's posting
Here's an enlargement

Brendan Morse commented on Jeff's posting
 I found this from 1893. Also found a couple photographs that may or may not be it.John Hammond I looked at several maps and it appears to be gone prior to 1910, so it had a life of less than 20 years.
[Higher res]
Jeff Bransky  commented on Jeff's posting
Great find! That hand drawn map is showing the same bridge and tracks as the Rand McNally. This clip from the large 1916 Reinckemap Chicago Central Business Section Map does not show the bridge. So, if it ever actually existed, it was gone by 1916, including the track configuration on the north bank. Incidentally, the Rush Street Bridge appears on both hand drawn maps but this one shows it a bit more accurately on an angle instead of oriented due north. The Rush Street Bridge was removed in 1920 when the Michigan Avenue (DuSable) Bridge was opened (started in 1918).

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