Saturday, February 24, 2018

Meta land scars (tattoos) from strip mining large seams of coal

(Update: I learned from a comment by William Oldani in a post that the accepted term for what I have been calling land scars is "tattoos." I can't fix all existing occurrences of "land scar" in this blog, but I will switch to using the accepted term in new notes.)

I've already discussed the tattoos for a strip coal mine. Now that I'm doing more research in Southern Illinois, I've discovered the tattoos for multiple strip coal mines --- a bunch of "straight lakes."

I first noticed this pattern while studying the Kathleen Coal Mine. Below is the Satellite image from that posting, but converted to "Road Map" view to make the "straight lakes" more visible.


Another example of extensive strip mining is the land owned by the Chicago area sewage treatment district.

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