Friday, February 23, 2018

Newly Weds Foods is rail served by CP/Milw

(3D Satellite)

I've written about so many bakeries going out of service in the Chicagoline that it is nice to see Newly Weds Foods still receives several covered hoppers of supplies.

I wonder what the building to the east was and is. It not only still has an impressive smokestack, it has an interesting square tower. It looks like it was once rail served.

Keith Pokorny posted
CP 3018 leads CP train G-47 as it sits tied down at Newly Weds on the Northwest side of Chicago, IL 2/10/2018
Mark Simmons WoW!!! A daylight shot. They work this job after midnight.
Mark Simmons Its the bakery. Newlyweds. Its about a mile north of Tower A5 on the C&M Sub. north of Fullerton Avenue.

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