Thursday, March 31, 2016

Former Salerno Cookie Factory

Tim Paske posted
Salerno cookie Factory, 4500 w. Division. Oh, those butter cookies, couldn't eat just one ! The former Salerno Cookie Factory, home of that familiar and delicious butter cookie, at 4500 W. Division, an orange-rated building, has apparently been cleared for demolition, despite the fact that it is a rare example of famed architect Harold Zook in an industrial context.
Adrian LaTrace Jr.'s posting of a link had many comments. A couple of comments provides pictures after the first day of destruction. They won't be using the Art Deco entrance way somewhere else.

Mary Kobialka

Joe Kus 
You could tell by the curvature of the building on the west side that this building used to be rail served. In fact, I think we have seen this building before in satellite views. But I can't remember which posting that was in.

Bird's Eye View
Bing's Streetview


  1. Sad. I came across this article as I searched the Salerno history, it sort of ends with Alyce who died at 71 in 1985. From what I can see, she had no heirs. They were a multi million dollar company -with so much Chicago history, and just ceased to exist after her death, of course not right away the Salerno Cookie company was reformed and reorganised and sold several times. I was curious to look them up when we bought a box of mixed junk with what seemed to be quite a few hand written and typed recipes mixed in with some other obscur items. The recipes are original Salerno recipes, and they are all there Jingles, Saltines,Fig bars, butter cookie and more. It seems to be a pretty complete collection of this history of the company. Sadly, I could find nobody who wanted them. Not suitable for home use, the recipes are hundreds of pounds of ingredients. Just curious, I will find a use for these pencil and typed written pieces of history. If I was able, I would post some pictures but this window does not offer that option. Melinda Rhodes

  2. Anyone attached to this company may contact me. Melinda Rhodes

    1. Hi Melinda, I'm very interested in getting some information on this company and pictures if you have them.