Thursday, May 11, 2017

ADBF/LCRC/NYC/LSMS Bridge over River Raisin in Blissfield, MI

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Robert Lloyd posted
Post marked 4 24 1909
The current bridge is over 100 years old, it was built in 1907. Historic Bridges states that its Baltimore truss design in uncommon in Michigan.

Street View
The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern had routes crisscrossing southeastern Michigan. One route went from Toledo to Adrian, MI. Penn Central abandoned that route northwest of what is now the ADM Ottawa Lake grain elevator. Norfolk Southern got the route from Toledo to that elevator when Conrail was split up. Lenawee Country Railroad acquired the route between Adrian and Riga. Since Riga also gets train service from IORY+CN/DT&I, according to the 2005 SPV Map, the remaining route has been cut back to ADBF between Adrian and Blissfield. However, looking at a satellite image, the track is still intact between Blissfield and Riga. A murder-mystery Dinner Train is run on the route. However, it is not just a tourist railroad. For example, Michigan Agricultural has a well kept siding with a fall protector over it.

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