Thursday, May 25, 2017

Electro-Mechanical Cash Register

Computers have not only made typewriters obsolete and dramatically changed how phones work, they have changed how items are checked out from a store.

Albert J Reinschmidt posted
Not often you see one of these NCR beasts for sale. Ran one of these at the grocery store I worked at when in High School. $100 will get it for you!
Maureen Grisolia And in those days, we could also count back change!! LOL
Larry J. Pearlman NCR stands for National Cash Register. IBM's founder, Thomas Watson was fired from NCR and wanted to one up his former employer. National became International. And a Cash Register became a Business Machine. IBM.
NCR also developed the Automated Teller Machine, better known as the ATM.

NCR and AT&T eventually combined their computer divisions. I don't remember the details because by that time I had transferred from Bell Labs' computer division to a Forward Looking Work division.

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