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Railroad on Goose Island and Big Bay Lumber

Paul Strubeck comment
search for "goose island" there is another posting that has been started!


Nikki Burgess posted
A rainy dawn on Goose Island on Chicago's near north side finds a Wisconsin Central lumber flat patiently awaiting unloading on Cherry Avenue. The city skyline looms through the misty morning. Sadly, this trackage, one of the more out-of-the-way corners of the old Milwaukee Road, is out of service now.
Blair Hooistra comment on above posting
My Goose Island shot. Right about where you shot it. May 18, 2014.
[This is further north than I have ever seen a car parked because you can also see the spur that used to go into the lumber company.]
Tommy Thompson posted
Spotting Big Bay Lumber on Goose Island. April 2012

Mike Mihaly Janusek shared
This is one of my all-time favorite Milwaukee Road photos that I have. I had scoured Goose Island street trackage for some time previous to this shot. Then, years later, I was visiting the Goose Island Brewery in 2004 and I walked into the street nearby and this little freight consist was rolling down the street ! I could not believe the timing.... My father was with me and he took this shot of me while I was shooting the same way freight. !!! I had not even known that that the Milwaukee owned the Goose Island trackage... Such a pleasant surprise.... This was, of course, after the Soo take-over, but this unit was not re-painted except for the gaudy word, "Soo" painted on the side, if I remember correctly...
[Note, it is pulling cars of lumber.]
Nikki Burgess posted
A Wisconsin Central lumber flat rises out of the Chicago mist on Goose Island. This track may be abandoned now; I am uncertain. This shot is several years old now.

Iowa Pacific's Chicago Terminal Railroad has parked a bunch of tank cars on its Goose Island tracks. They are probably trying to force the developers in the area to buy their right-of-way. I contributed a couple of photos to the posting.

Dennis DeBruler commented on a posting
 I read the Z-6 Bridge had been repaired after the copper vandals stripped it. When I heard the Big Bay Lumber Yard  quit getting cars, I made a trip in the winter of 2015 to grab pictures before the track disappeared. Here is a shot northwest up Cherry from Bliss. The cars you see setting on Cherry is gridlock at Division Street. And I never did see a clear shot acrosss North. It had gridlock in both directions.
Dennis DeBruler commented on a posting
I had my daughter drive me around Chicago so that I could grab pictures of bridges, etc. Here I'm looking southeast from Diversity. In May 2015 the Big Bay Lumber Yard was still receiving cars. But they didn't bother to use their siding. They unloaded them from street parking.
Larry Amaloo posted
ILSX 900, an EMD SW8, rolls down Cherry Avenue crossing Division Street in Chicago Illinois on the Chicago Terminal Railroad. Taken on 11-7-14
Daniel Rappoport Why did they leave the cars on the runaround in the middle of the street for unloading rather than spotting the cars into Big Bay Lumber?Jeremy Lowth Pretty sure that siding was out of service. Big bay always wanted the cars in the street straight across from their docks.Fred Van Dorpe The last move off Goose island itself, was on 10/2/17 when they removed 33 tank cars off the Island. Earlier this year they moved a few reefers off a portion of the trackage where the Finkl steel was, and that is what people refer to as the "last official move." But they have started up the sw8 and spotted cars to sipi metals right by CY tower a few times after that reefer move. So what is or isnt the last official move is debatable.Joshua Oshinski Sometime in early to mid September [2018] was the last move.

(new window)  Kingsbury Job 1999 Soo Line Geep running on Cherry Street south of Division Street to service Bay Lumber. There are lots of videos of rail action concerning the Kingsbury Job. I picked this one because it shows the operation of a turnout embedded in the street. And it show the train heading back north across Division Street. That street is gridlocked westbound every time I visit. I leave the island by heading south. It also has a caboose. At the end, you can see the traffic on North Avenue, but you can't see the Z-2 Bridge. I think he needed to move the camera further to the right to see the bridge.

The Chicago Tribune wrote about the "railroad trolls."

Kris Rumbut posted 20 photos of Chicago Terminal pulling out their stored tank cars on 10/2/17.

Rail cars roll off Goose Island, but 'railroad troll' to bring them back

Looks like they replaced the tank cars with refers, but the last run was done on 2-15-2018.

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