Saturday, May 27, 2017

Eisenhower Lock on St. Lawrence Seaway


Screenshot from a time-lapse video by Chuck Larrabee of the TAAGBORG going up in the Eisenhower Lock (source)

The Eisenhower lock is the upstream lock of a shipping canal that was built to replace the Cornwall Canal. The Snell Lock is the downstream lock of the new shipping canal. The St. Lawrence Seaway project in this area included a power dam, a control gate dam, and a high-clearance suspension bridge.

The page referenced by the caption below has many construction pictures of this complex. It also shows where and when cofferdams and cuts were built to allow construction of the two dams to be done in-the-dry while allowing the river to flow through the area. The two ships in the photo were designed for the locks of the Cornwall Canal. They dramatically illustrate how much longer the new locks are. They also have the bridge on the bow. I have noticed that has become obsolete. Modern boats have the engine room, living quarters, and bridge on the stern.
(For future reference, a video of the history of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Note the black coal smoke pouring out of the smokestack at 12:07.)

Update: record high river levels may force the shutdown of the seaway because of this stretch in the river.  Another article about the record high level for Ontario Lake.

St. Lawrence River braces for massive dam-water release from Lake Ontario  The headline has an element of "click bate" to it. Increasing from 14,200 to 14,400 does not seem like "massive" to me. But it is unprecedented because 14,200 had been the max flow down the river. If they can generate large flows with the power dam, I wonder what is the purpose of the control gate dam?

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