Friday, May 19, 2017

IHB Osborn Yard and Kankakee Line.

This yard is just west of Osborn Junction. Unlike many yards in the Chicago area, this yard is still intact.

Nate Carpenter posted
A seldom-seen locomotive and little known location; one of IHB's leased SW1500s switches back into the Osborn Yard off of the Kankakee Line. Taken on the 169th Street viaduct in Hammond, IN.

Screenshot from video posted by Nate Carpenter
IHB 1512 switching Osborn Yard. I just love the sound of that 645 working hard @ full throttle!
Nate Carpenter It's located off of 165th street on Osborn Avenue, just passed the NS Kankakee Line if you're driving.Mark Bilecki Sr. Nice catch, not too many of those sw 1500s running around these days. Been to Osborn jct a couple of times in the past
Nate Carpenter posted two photos with the comment:
"Base Camp 501". Taken today at Osborn Yard in Hammond, IN. Because of heavy work currently underway on Norfolk Southern's Chicago District, the railroad has turned to Osborn to become the center of their operation. Two of Norfolk Southern's camp trains as well as one of their Track Geometry trains (with a nice lashup, in my opinion) provided some interesting photo opportunities.
Jon Moore What all work is being done?
Nate Carpenter New ties, ballast, and they are switching from jointed to welded rail.


Pete Fileca posted
Pete Fileca Sorry. Hammond. On 165th. Gone now.
Dave Ladislas Sr. Pete Fileca,I'm guessing that was the old scale house in the Pullman freight yard.I weighed all the Amtrak Superliners in that scale house that were built next door at the passenger plant.I still have me a couple weigh tickets somewhere.
Pete Fileca Dave Ladislas Sr. This was across the street. The track that went to the nipsco area.
Dave Ladislas Sr. Pete Fileca ,Pullman was all on the N. side of street.
Pete Fileca Dave Ladislas Sr. I think it’s Jupiter aluminum now.
Alfred Fickensher Interesting that scale houses seemed to generally all look alike no matter where in the country and on every railroad. alf in Iowa.
I knew Pullman had a plant in Northwest Indiana. Now I know where it was. I noticed a track along 165th. I followed it east and it went to a small yard, this Osborn Yard.
Dennis DeBruler commented on Pete's post
It looks like those industries are also served from the north side by EJ&E.,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3

IHB operates the northern part of the NS/NYC Kankakee Belt, which is the northern part of the NYC/Big Four Egyptian Line.

The train would stay just south of Osborn Junction.

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