Monday, May 8, 2017

I-69+I-94 over St. Clair River

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges3D Satellite, Aerial View) It is also called the Bluewater Bridges.

HAER MICH,74-POHU,1A--7 from LoC, taken by Clayton B. Fraser, November 1994 for HAER
7. SOUTH SIDE OF MAIN SECTION OF BRIDGE. VIEW TO NORTHEAST. - Blue Water Bridge, Spanning St. Clair River at I-69, I-94, & Canadian Route 402, Port Huron, St. Clair County, MI

The first span has a cantilever design, and it was opened in October, 1938. The second span has a tied-arch design, and it was opened in 1997. The span is 871' with a clearance of 150' above the river. Each of the main piers for the original bridge consist of two 26' caissons sunk 95' below the water level to bedrock. [MDOT1]

The engineers wanted to build a cable-stayed bridge. But the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office and the public insisted on the arch design because its appearance complements the original bridge. [Historic Bridges]

Paul R Murray posted
AMERICAN SPIRIT - Downbound Port Huron, Michigan 5-8-2017
Paul R Murray posted
ALGOMA ENTERPRISE - Upbound Port Huron, Michigan 5-8-2017

EPA, photo by Carol Y. Swinehart, from Bridge Hunter
Update: Dave Baker posted two photos with the comment: "Tugs, Duluth & Sarah B, givin' er heck under the Bluewater Bridges this afternoon. 5/15/17"


Paul R Murray posted
CUYAHOGA - Upbound Port Huron, Michigan 5-20-2017
[Upbound must mean upstream. In this case, northbound.]

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