Monday, May 15, 2017

Test Plot Combines

Carsen Culpitt posted to ask what it is
The comments indicated it is a test plot combine. One comment pointed out the Pioneer Seeds logo. Below is one of 21 photos for an auction item. Another photo indicated it was made in Finland to MF's specifications.

Evidently they are still made. Since a small sample size is needed for each hybrid test, they are designed to use a narrow strip of land and only a small bin is needed. It is important to be able to accurately measure the yield.

I remember driving past corn fields where a field would have several DeKalb signs on the fence, each sign had a different number. I assume the seed companies would lease land from different farmers so that they could plant their seed varieties in different land and weather conditions to see how they performed.

Almaco SPC40
Almaco SPC40
Kincaid 8-XP

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