Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I-74 over Mississippi River at Molene/Bettendorf

(Bridge Hunter, Historic BridgesJohn Weeks IIISatellite, Street View, Quad-Cities Times has 32 photos)

(Update: more notes on the replacement bridge including construction photos)

John A. Weeks III

Jan Danielsen posted
Aaron F Barrett going under I-74 bridge Bettendorf, Iowa pool 15. First tow I have seen this year [2019].
[Shipping was delayed after the Winter ice melt because of flooding.]

Built in 1933 and twinned in 1959. It has only two lanes with no shoulders, so talk of replacement has been on going. I saw reference to a cable-stayed design. It appears the current proposal is "dual basket-handle arch bridges with main channel spans of 800 feet" that has 3 lanes with shoulders in each direction. It would also have a "outboard" bicycle and pedestrian path. [Modjeski]


Flickr from Bridge Hunter, License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND)

Mike Knox posted
Some Mississippi River Solitude under The I-74 Bridge. The most important parts, very few see/ Appreciate.
Flickr from Bridge Hunter, License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)
Boston Public Library

Retro Quad Cities posted
Susan Olson Shaw Going across that single span bridge terrified me when I was little. I would beg to use the Arsenal Bridge.
Mike Ironman posted, cropped
Mike Ironman posted
[Flood of 2019?]
Mike Ironman posted

The basket-handle arch design for the replacement bridges has been selected for a while. The issue has been funding. An estimate I saw was $791m. [QCtimes] And you know the price will only go up. They also seem to be refining the design because the piers in this conceptualization look different from the Mojeski image above.

Since the old bridges are to be removed after traffic is transferred to the new bridges, I saved a copy of the satellite image.

3D Satellite
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