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IC IMX Intermodal Yard

When the Chicago Produce Terminal became obsolete, IC sold the eastern part and converted the remaining part to an intermodal yard --- IMX. IMX itself closed in 2004. [Darren K Hill comment on a posting]
Andrew Urbanski posted
DAMEN AVE, Chicago Intermodal
Dan Tracy Wow, IMX later used by the SP.
Keith Peeples Looks like IC was ahead of their time. Some railroads were still loading circus style thru the seventies.
[I-55 is on the right, so we are looking East.]
David Wilson's Photoset has two 1988 photos when the land was the ICG IMX intermodal yard: looking east and looking west. The second photo also shows both smokestacks on the Crawford Generating Plant. It also shows the lift towers for the Western Avenue Bridge.

Google Earth set to 3/26/1999
It looks like it was still being used when this 1999 image was taken.

It is no longer being used, but not because the land was needed for something else. Some of the tracks still exist.
Nathan Mackey posted
Back when IMX was still a yard in Chicago, we were heading west on the IC down to Ash St. in 2001.
[Note the former-Santa Fe concrete silos in the background that are still (2017) standing.]
Brandon McShane UP used the yard for a couple of trains before Global 4 opened. Now there's a big box warehouse being built on the site. The ICG sign is still there on the Damen overpass, though.
Dennis DeBruler That explains why UP has trackage rights on the CN part of the GM&O but doesn't use them.
Stan Stanovich of two intermodal yards used by SP when they made their entry into Chicago in the early '90s, use by UP came about, through their acquisition of the SP!!! (the other one was former B&O Forest Hill)
Brandon McShane Or just north of the Damen exit on I-55. The yard was opened when IC moved its piggyback ramp out of the Congress Street yard in Grant Park.
[This C&NW power is because UP had already bought C&NW. There are a lot of comments discussing how UP accessed this yard. UP's traffic to Los Angeles used their trackage rights on the CB&Q rather than the SP/MoPac/GM&O to get to this yard. There is also another "named connector" in Chicago --- the "Can Wye" is at the junction of ICwest and BRC.]
Steve Howard posted
My photo from a while back...
ICG Piggyback train 51 getting ready to head south...
My Photo. Around 1979 or so? — at IMX piggyback yard Chicago, IL.
Scott Malec Train going directional east before turning south at the lakefront?
Steve Howard Yes

David Wilson Flickr 1988 Photos: Crawford smokestacks and Western's lift towers in the background     lots of truck trailers

Arturo Gross Flickr 2001 Photo

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