Saturday, May 20, 2017

CSX/B&O Bridge over Scioto River near Chillicothe, OH

(This bridge is gone and I can't find where it was.)

Mike Dlabay updated
Renick Sub., former Wellston Sub./CH&D at Chillicothe, Ohio Bridge 128 over the Scioto River after the portion of line from the side of the bridge I'm on east to VA Jct., Vauces, was taken out of service and then abandoned. Bridge collapsed in later years.

Mike Dlabay posted
Dennis DeBruler,-82.../data=!3m1!1e3
Mike Dlabay Dennis, where's the bridge at in the Google Maps? That's the Scioto River going under this now demolished B&O bridge 129.
Dennis DeBruler So I found the wrong B&O bridge? Where was this one ?

Mike Dlabay That would be the still in service bridge on the former B&O Ohio Division/ Parkersburg Sub. main. The District Run out of Chillicothe is the only move over it as it goes to Vauces.

Street View
According to the satellite view, there are trusses hidden by the trees on both sidess so this was a five truss bridge.
A Flickr photo shows it was in operation in 2008.

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